Lance Morrisett - Preaching Minister


Lance Morrisett Family

Lance was born in New Orleans, LA. He grew up in Duncan, OK and 
Amarillo, TX. His dad worked for Halliburton. He went to college at Oklahoma Christian University (OC), where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and a minor in Business Administration, graduating in April 1996. He met Jennifer at OC preparing to go to Brazil on a summer mission trip. They married in July 1996. Lance went back to OC, receiving a Master of Arts in Ministry, April 2011.

Lance and Jennifer have five children; Cullen who is 16, and a set of quadruplets who are 10 years old; Emma, Kaden, Lane and Bennett.

Lance was an Associate / Youth & Family Minister in Shawnee, OK and 
Childress, TX for 9 years. He has been a pulpit minister for 14 years and has served congregations in Haven, KS; Boyd, TX, Hooker, OK, and is currently the pulpit miniter here at Hermosa Church of Christ.

Lance has a passion for God’s Word. He enjoys studying for and presenting classes, studies and sermons. He loves to spend time with people getting to know them and plugging them into ministries within the local congregation.  If you enjoy talking and drinking coffee, come by the office anytime!

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